Growing in Christ Sessions

How to Facilitate a Growing in Christ Session

The Small Faith Community Coordinator is a servant leader of the community. They are not in authority over the group; instead they serve the group with the goal of bringing about the strongest community possible. They do this by listening and guiding them into loving connections with each other.

The Small Faith Community Coordinator helps the conversation to keep moving among all of the members -- helping quiet members to participate comfortably and control those that tend to monopolize discussions -- in a balanced way within the group.

The Small Faith Community Coordinator prepares and facilitates the first six weeks of community meetings held at the parish following the retreat. They are responsible for preparing or assigning the 35-45 minute “Study” part of the meeting.


Week 1

Carrying the Cross of Your Life with Prayer

Week 2

Growing Through the Word of God and the Teachings of Our Church

Week 3

Sharing and Serving Others

Week 4

What Makes a Strong Community

Week 5

Where Do We Go from Here?

Week 6

Witness & Power - Learning to Tell Others About Jesus