Parish Evangelization Process

Stop relying on chance. Start building a strategy.

Why is my parish struggling?

We often implement a multitude of disconnected programs in a blind attempt to evangelize. Unfortunately, that usually leaves us feeling overwhelmed by the work and underwhelmed by the results. We need a strategy. Specifically, we need a defined evangelization process that, at the same time, welcomes the innovation and movement of the Holy Spirit in our parishes.

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It all starts here. The evangelization process must always begin with a personal encounter with the risen Lord Jesus Christ. Once we meet Jesus, everything changes. The same goes for our parishes. Once the people in our communities encounter Jesus, our parishes are transformed.

The Light of the World Awaken program and Retreat are Catholic, parish-based, kerygmatic experiences that provide your parishioners with opportunities to encounter the Lord. They're the engine that powers this entire process.


Once we encounter the Lord, we are drawn to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Building parish community creates momentum in a parish and gives strength and encouragement to its members.

The Light of the World Awaken program and Retreat include integrated small group programs. This provides a seamless way to go from Encounter to Community and truly give your parish a solid foundation on which to build your evangelization strategy.


The more we grow in love for our Lord, the more we desire to know about Him. And the more we know about Him, the more we grow in love for Him. Forming our intellects and increasing our knowledge about the Lord will both deepen our relationship with Him and better equip us to share and defend our faith.


Intentional discipleship is about taking a personal resolution to follow Christ, and making it real by actually doing something about it. It's not checking off spiritual boxes, it's deliberately deepening our relationship with Him through living the sacramental life, committing to daily prayer, and more.


Without giving ourselves in service and love, we run the risk of becoming spiritually "bloated." We were not given the gift of faith and relationship with the Lord to keep it to ourselves. We must love as He loved and serve as He served.


Before we begin the work of sharing the gospel, we need to provide people with non-threatening opportunities to build trust and relationships. It's through these genuine relationships that the Holy Spirit provides us with moments to invite people to take the next step.

Parish Evangelization Programs


A flexible video-based series
Explore Awaken


An immersive weekend experience
Explore Retreat