First of all, relax. You have been chosen by God for the role of Evangelizer for a very special reason. It was truly the Holy Spirit. He believes you can do it and He has given you all the skills it takes to make this happen.

Who am I and what am I doing?

As an Evangelizer, you are a proclaimer of the Good News on the retreat; a living witness of Jesus Christ in your life. Do your best to prepare your talk, making it truly reflect your witness within the context of the talk you have been given. In addition to this role, you are to be a caring presence to all who are living the retreat and empathetic to people who may need a listening ear or help in any way. Because you are not tied to one group, you can be aware of the group as a whole and at breaks or at meals be on the look-out for people who may be standing alone or appear a little shy or isolated in any way. Make every effort to put them at ease and strike up a comfortable conversation. Try to get to know as many of the retreatants as you can so that they feel welcome and connected.

Prayer Warrior
You will also serve as a silent prayer warrior as each presenter gives their talks. As they are speaking, please ask the Lord to bless and anoint their thoughts and words so that only God’s message will come through. Ask God to give the retreatants soft, open hearts so that the Gospel will fall on “fertile soil” and change their lives. Our prayer is that each evangelizer will be able to be a calm, open vessel for the Lord to use in a powerful way to say just what He wants the evangelizer to say.

Surrender & Trust
Bring all that you have done and will do to present the Gospel in a clear, sincere way, to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and lay it at His feet. He will inhabit the work of your hands and bring good fruit from it. Once you have turned it over to Jesus, take some time to review your notes and know that you are prepared. After you have given your talk, thank God for what He will do with the seeds that has planted with your help. That part is truly up to Him. When people are thanking you and praising your talk, you can receive their kind words and offer them back to the Lord who is the true author of the work that we do in His name.

Support for Team
You can also be on the lookout for any other team members that may need your help in the times where the retreatants are in their small groups, such as the retreat coordinator, hospitality coordinator or chapel coordinator. The retreat will run most smooth when we all act as one body.


32 Weeks Prior

No tasks during this time...

24 Weeks Prior

* Pray!

One of the most important parts of this retreat is prayer, prayer and more prayer. Prayer is the strong foundation upon which this entire evangelization process is built and cannot be stressed enough. Fortunately, in our Catholic faith we have an arsenal of prayer choices -- Mass, rosary, novenas, fasting, adoration, etc. -- to draw from.

20 Weeks Prior

No tasks during this time...

16 Weeks Prior

Be aware of Team meeting dates and locations

The Retreat Coordinator should have already secured these.

  • Team Meeting #1 - 4 weeks prior to retreat
  • Team Meeting #2 - 3 weeks prior to retreat
  • Team Meeting #3 - 2 weeks prior to retreat
  • Adoration Hour (optional) - week of retreat

12 Weeks Prior

8 Weeks Prior

No tasks during this time...

4 Weeks Prior

Go to Team Meeting #1

3 Weeks Prior

Go to Team Meeting #2

2 Weeks Prior

Go to Team Meeting #3

1 Week Prior

Go to Team Adoration Hour (if applicable)

During Retreat Weekend

Deliver your talk at prescribed time

Make yourself available to retreatants if they have questions

After Retreat Weekend

No tasks during this time...