Chapel Coordinator



First of all, relax. You have been chosen by God for the role of Chapel Coordinator for a very special reason. It was truly the Holy Spirit. He believes you can do it and He has given you all the skills it takes to make this happen.

Who am I and what am I doing?

The role of the Chapel Coordinator is to set up the peaceful and prayerful environment for the retreatants. The Chapel Coordinator should coordinate with the Service Coordinator to make sure there are smooth transitions from the main conference room to the chapel and that all the retreatants’ spiritual needs are being met.

Coordinate Adorers
Also, the chapel coordinator will arrange for adorers during the retreat. This is usually done with past retreatants. Also, the chapel coordinator during the retreat can bring prayer requests to the chapel to be prayed over.


32 Weeks Prior

No tasks during this time...

24 Weeks Prior

No tasks during this time...

20 Weeks Prior

No tasks during this time...

16 Weeks Prior

No tasks during this time...

12 Weeks Prior

No tasks during this time...

8 Weeks Prior

* Pray!

One of the most important parts of this retreat is prayer, prayer and more prayer. Prayer is the strong foundation upon which this entire evangelization process is built and cannot be stressed enough. Fortunately, in our Catholic faith we have an arsenal of prayer choices -- Mass, rosary, novenas, fasting, adoration, etc. -- to draw from.

Be aware of Team meeting dates and locations

The Retreat Coordinator and Main Evangelizer should have already secured these.

  • Team Meeting #1 - 4 weeks prior to retreat
  • Team Meeting #2 - 3 weeks prior to retreat
  • Team Meeting #3 - 2 weeks prior to retreat
  • Adoration Hour (optional) - week of retreat

Begin recruiting

Start recruiting people to adore during the retreat. Get lists of past retreatants from the Retreat Coordinator. Adoration occurs only on Saturday and Sunday. It does not continue through the night, but it can begin and end whenever you decide. It can be held during confessions on Saturday, but it should not be held during the Consecration Liturgy on Sunday.

4 Weeks Prior

Go to Team Meeting #1

3 Weeks Prior

Go to Team Meeting #2

2 Weeks Prior

Confirm volunteers

Check in with all your volunteers to confirm that they are on-board and ready to go.

Go to Team Meeting #3

1 Week Prior

Go to Team Adoration Hour (if applicable)

Oversee setup of chapel

During Retreat Weekend

Coordinate chapel duties each day

After Retreat Weekend

No tasks during this time...