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Transforming Parishes

Light of the World is a comprehensive parish evangelization process for Catholic churches that begins with the parish-based Light of the World Retreat. We help transform churches into an evangelizing parishes from the inside out, starting with the people the Lord has already placed in their pews.

Through the last 5 years...

Each year...

"How can I put this [Light of the World Retreat] experience into words? It is a feeling of being loved, accepted, and transformed. The light of the Holy Spirit has ignited my soul, my mind, and my heart. Our Lord Jesus now leads me in ways that everything is clear to me, no doubts and no fear. I am complete because Jesus completes me."

Malou C, Retreatant
St. Bernard in Tracy, CA

"The fruits born by the Holy Spirit [from the Light of the World Retreat] in souls that are open to His power and His presence are amazing... It has been amazing to see such tangible and immediate fruit. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store next!"

Fr. Keith Romke, Pastor
St. Patrick in Dixon, IL

"Light of the World has started to provide people a connection to smaller communities within the larger parish community. Those relationships are vital to being a community of people who are truly connected to one another in ways that encourage, challenge and support each other as we work to help the Church accomplish her mission in our community."

Dcn. Tim Weinmann
Cathedral of Christ the King in Lexington, KY

Programs & Services

Light of the World Retreat

Not just a retreat. It’s the “engine” for a strategic parish evangelization process.

Parish Support

Permanent, comprehensive, and personal. We’re here for the long haul.

Evangelization Consultation

Parishes don’t need just another program. They need strategy.

Keeping evangelization affordable... for parishes


Approximate cost just to get the retreat and evangelization process going at a parish.


Average cost of one-time license fee we charge each new parish.


Amount the ministry subsidizes for each new parish.

Stewardship of our resources

2 Full-Time Employees

Roles we fulfill

Content creation
Social media management
New parish lead follow-up
New parish onboarding
Accounting / bookkeeping
Parish support
Web design & development
IT support
Email marketing
Video production
Database management
Graphic design

Cost-saving measures

Bare-bones staff
No staff benefits
No mileage reimbursements
No office, work from homes
No phone system, Google Voice
Laptop workstations
In-house custom-built CRM
In-house custom-designed website
In-house marketing campaign
In-house video production
In-house content creation
120+ volunteers
10,000+ volunteer hours each year

"At a recent meeting of my parish’s leadership team I asked the question, 'What has been the most effective means of making disciples in our parish?' Without hesitation the response was, 'Light of the World.' Over the last five years we have hosted eleven retreats for nearly 300 people, and I have witnessed real conversion in individuals as well as in the parish itself. Since beginning of Light of the World, enrollment in the parish has increased, as well as the weekly offertory collection and the number of ministries we serve. But the real proof of the effectiveness of Light of the World is parishioners’ increased level of engagement in the life of faith, their insatiable desire for deeper knowledge of God, and a determination to share their faith with others. Light of the World has led hundreds of parishioners in my parish to a new encounter with Jesus Christ, and through that encounter, has transformed them into the evangelizers we need."

Fr. Nicholas Desimone, Pastor
St. Mary in Uxbridge, MA

We believe we have been entrusted with the stewardship of a great gift to the Church.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by December 31st.
Thanks to some generous donors, we also have a $20,000 matching gift program that will double your donation!

When you partner with us by donating to Light of the World Evangelization Ministries, you also become a steward of a great gift to the Church. Because of your gift, hundreds of Catholic churches can be transformed into evangelizing parishes. Your gift will not only impact the people in those parishes today, but their children, their grandchildren, and beyond. Together, this is how we renew the entire worldwide Church: one parish at a time.

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